MISTAKE OF KEN GRIFFIN? How to buy painting? Part 1

Very often people have hard time understanding reasons behind unimaginably high prices on masterpieces of famous authors. For example, people questioned half billion dollars purchase of Chicago’s billionaire Ken Griffin in 2015. He paid 200 million dollars for work of Jackson Pollock «#17A, 1948» and 300 million dollars for Willem de Kooning  «Interchange, 1955». People were commenting on this event. One of them was from a lady who was bragging that her daughter at 2 yo drew exact same painting. Although child maybe did similar drawing, those two paintings can’t be compared!

In our center «Collector’s Luck» we believe that buyers of famous masterpieces attracted by the energetic aura of painting. Purchase is not just lucky investment, it is much deeper involvement between buyer and painting.

All art work has energetic component. Despite this fact, the higher the painter’s talent or inner spiritual energy, transferred to the masterpiece, the more valuable is the result.

Our center «Collector’s Luck» discovered one of the Jackson Pollock’s paintings that deserves attention from investors like Ken Griffin, David Geffen or Carlos Slim. We highly recommend them to buy this work. It would be a real pearl of any collection. This painting is not well studied, but we know that it is authentic. Also, we are aware of painting’s history and know the owner.  Real meaning of art collecting is to discover and to show masterpieces to the World. We are helping with this great purpose.

In a few years, the World of art will change. The changes will be affecting how the masterpieces evaluated. New methods will easily and reliably distinguish between authentic and fake works. Our center «Collector’s Luck» is developing and proving new techniques of the future. The center provides esoteric investigations of masterpieces and discovers aspects that will never revealed by standard current-day methods.

Our expert Alexandr Zharkov has ability to “see” energetic component of the art and the human being.  To prove his ability to «see» any work of art, Alexandr is ready to examine health conditions and effectively correct energy of our collaborators who are in very need of it. If necessary, this healing can be provided free of charge.

To be continued….

The Center of Art Research «Collector’s Luck» states that this article based on prolonged and detailed research of the world’s art market.

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