How to sell painting. Part 9

Collectors of the World have overwhelming treasures. They possess most of the art heritage. Occasionally, collectors face necessity to sell one of the masterpieces….

Scenario #9. Collector choses to sell whole collection or part of it. Art owner already tried all 1 through 8 scenarios, mentioned in other articles, but without success. His sales were stuck or parse “hanged up”

Collector is ready to sell any painting even at half of the estimated price and as fast as possible. Dilemma is how and whom to offer. These types of sales, usually, initiated by buyers, who are trying to negotiate price reduction in private meetings. In this scenario, the seller reducing the price. When this information goes to brokers and then to potential buyers, latter get suspicious of the art authenticity. Our Center of Art Research «Collector’s Luck» knows about similar situation with authentic Van Gogh painting which price keep going down. This is strange.

In simple, the collector gets confusedin the situation and can’t cut this Gordian knot independently. Nobody can help at this time.

Our Center of Art Research «Collector’s Luck» suggesting solution to these situations, thus we can cut the Gordian knot.

We announce the start of our anew program: “Black Art Friday”.

“Black Art Friday” is intended to help collectors to sell “hanging” but still great paintings of famous masters. For the investors, we provide great opportunities. This would be a revolution in art business!

How do we plan to realize this program?

The collector wishing to sell art at discounted price, for example half price, contacts our art club. We become familiar with the seller. After that, collector sends official request to sell painting via e-mail We consider the proposal and consult with World known art experts. When painting is approved for sale, we directly contact buyers. We already have requests from potential buyers and plan to add more investors interested in these types of sales. In case, when painting and paperwork proved to be required quality and satisfy buyer, the sale will take place. This sale can take place not only on designated “Black art Friday” day but early, when all parties are agreed.

We invite collectors, investors and the whole art community, including art brokers, galleries, museums, experts, lawyers and other specialist in world art, to fruitful cooperation.

Our Center of Art Research «Collector’s Luck» guaranties:

• all collectors and investors get attention and confidentiality;

• all agents of sellers or buyers receive agreed commissions for cooperation in sales under program “Black art Friday”

We are ready for your proposals!

To be continued….

The Center of Art Research “Collector’s Luck” states that this article based on prolonged and detailed research of world’s art market.

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