How to sell painting. Part 8

Collectors of the World have overwhelming treasures. They possess most of the art heritage. Occasionally, collectors face necessity to sell one of the masterpieces….

Scenario #8. Collector choses to sell whole collection at once. There are many reasons for this decision, but main motivation is receiving the arts as inheritance. The new owner may bedoesn’t have interest in art or there are many heirs willing to sell and split the money. Our Center for Art Research “Collector’s Luck” have seen multiple cases of bulk sale.

One case involved a wealthy person who decided to play a game of collector-investor.  He purchased many art pieces which he thought are the works of famous authors. Eventually, he got tired of collecting and decided to sell. His collection turned to be a soap bubble and paintings were not as valuable as he thought. Another case involved a son of a serious collector who decided to follow father’s steps and increase the collection. To the initial masterpieces, he added works of modern artist with famous names. The detailed investigation revealed the fact that all new additions lack any documentation or history and, in reality, are worthless works of unknown authors. In yet another case, two wealthy ladies decided to start home collections of arts. Some owner of art gallery kept selling them low quality but very overpriced paintings. These items will NEVER become valuable! Also, such collection FOREVER will remain just as a home art!

Recommendations to a collector:For the best sale result of unfamiliar art pieces, collector must be ready for preparation work. This may require additional investments to get paperwork in order. Our Center for Art Research “Collector’s Luck” offers consultations and help with any level of expertise.

To be continued….

 The Center of Art Research “Collector’s Luck” states that this article based on prolonged and detailed research of world’s art market.

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