How to sell painting. Part 6

Collectors of the World have overwhelming treasures. They possess most of the art heritage. Occasionally, collectors face necessity to sell one of the masterpieces….

Scenario #6. Collector needs money and unsuccessfully trying to sell something from the collection. Although, collector has good paintings with proper authentication, good communications skills and well known in art world the sales may not work.

There are two worlds. One has new technologies, new millionaires making digital money virtually from air and willing to invest into art. Another, old school art collectors willing to sell any painting for bitcoins, assuming that bank will transfer bitcoins into real money. However, the world of digits and art can grow parallel and may not cross each other. When the two worlds connect, the sales may fall through because of the high price for art piece.

Collector’ s mistake: Collector assumes that, so called, nouveau riche doesn’t know what to do with extra money. Art connoisseur set the highest price for painting thinking that bitcoin-millionaire is not savvy in arts. As a result, painting is not sold.

Recommendations to collector: If you find bitcoin-millionaire buyer, have some respect. You are facing not just an occasional shopper but professional investor, a bulk buyer. Therefore, choose price suitable for both parties. Our Center for Art Research “Collector’s Luck” knows how to connect the two worlds of investors. We are currently negotiating sales between those two “civilizations”. In any case, the Center for Art Research “Collector’s Luck” offers any help for successful business and wish good luck to all.

To be continued….


The Center of Art Research “Collector’s Luck” states that this article based on prolonged and detailed research of world’s art market.

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