How to sell painting. Part 3

Collectors of the World have overwhelming treasures. They possess most of the art heritage. Once in a while, collectors face necessity to sell one of the masterpieces…

Scenario #3. Collector chooses to sell painting of famous author with proper authentication paperwork and good history. However, as normalhuman, picks worst piece of art from the collection, the easiest to part with. Owner wants to sell obviously weak painting with maximum benefits.

This causes dilemmas.

Painting can be presented toother collectors or to an auction for a fast sale.

Other collectors, at best, will refuse to buy.

Auction requires estimate, which most likely will be low and painting still may not find buyer.

This mean that the art piece will retain price history of auction estimate for a long time. 

Also, painting can be labeled as worthless.

The other way to sell weak painting is go through broker or an art gallery.

This still can be dead end because price is too high.

Our Center of Art Research “Collector’s  Luck” knows many cases when fully authentic but weak painting of famous author stayed on the  market for years.

Some owners give up waiting and use auction services. It may get half of the initially planned price but they are happy that it is over.

Collector’s mistake: Collector chose to sell at full price weak painting of famous author which is low interest to other investors.

Recommendations to collector: For best benefits, it is advisable to chose good art work with full authentication. Such painting sell well on free art market or through auction houses. Place of sale is personal preference.

To be continued….

The Center of Art Research “Collector’s Luck” states that this article based on prolonged and detailed research of world’s art market.


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