How to sell painting. Part 3

Collectors of the World have overwhelming treasures. They possess most of the art heritage. Once in a while, collectors face necessity to sell one of the masterpieces…

 Scenario #2.  Collector chooses for sale painting without proper or complete identification. Owner believes that the work belongs to famous artist, looks good and should be sold at full price.

Collector knows that the painting need more information and looks for private sale directly to a buyer, hoping toconvince buyer that painting is authentic, but not yet studied well. Typically, nobody believes and with hold from spending money. Continue reading «How to sell painting. Part 2»

We are definitely lucky! Our art research

Center  at the artclub «Collector’s Luck» finishing work with Peter Paul Rubens creation. This painting was courteously provided by the owner. Soon, owner will receive certificate with results derived from our esoteric research.
I repeat my-self, but we were exceptionally

lucky! We found that it was one of the best original painting created at the beginning of XVII century. This Rubens masterpiece spreadspure Divine touch! Rubens was born Divinely blessed with painters’ creativity. Continue reading «New discoveries in the Art World. Back to Rubens»

Our esoteric laboratory “Collectors Luck” is in operation. We already researched most prominent works of famous painters: Leonardo da Vinci «Mona Lisa» and «Salvator Mundi», Peter Paul Rubens «The Abduction of the Daughters of Leucippus», and Pablo Picasso «Garçon à la pipe». This was not only part of our art market work, but exciting process of method development using available to us works of Rubens and Picasso. To set scale for energetic component of painting, well-known and recognized models had to be used as a comparative baseline. We chose paintings Rubens «The Abduction of the Daughters of Leucippus» and Picasso «Garçon à la pipe» as reference. Although, results were amazing, we wanted to go further and increased spectrum range, using Leonardo da Vinci «Mona Lisa», as the upper limit of scale in this comparative study. Continue reading «New facet discovered about old geniuses: Leonardo da Vinci, Rubens, and Picasso»

The artclub “Collector’s Luck” is glad to share good news. After many years of experience navigating in the World of Professional Art, we developed a unique approach, making art investing for dummies easy. We, as founders of the artclub, deal with numbers of art collectors, investors and art experts. This experience allows us to accumulate and process wholesome information, developing and testing innovative techniques and approaches. In this article weare presentingour new options. Continue reading «The Art World investing for dummies finally made easy»

This year, our international art club «Collectors Luck» celebrated its fourth anniversary.In this article, we present analysis of our achievements, invaluable experience and some setbacks experienced during years of operation. Although, listed facts may appear controversial, inaccurate or even erroneous to some readers, our discussion based on true story of four years of work at the peak of the world art market activity. It revealed to us many trades and secrets that are invisible to an average person. Continue reading «The international art club «Collectors Luck» fourth anniversary»

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